4/12/13 – Stover Creek to Woody Gap – 18 miles

4/12/13 – Stover Creek to Woody Gap – 18 miles

Great storm last night. It rolled in around 2am and really shook the place up. Got a great start and banged out 10 miles by 1pm. It felt so great to be moving. Hit Hawk mountain for 2nd lunch and found some yeehaw shooting a BB gun that someone had left. It would have been great fun but he’d decided to shoot it down the blue blaze trail that lead to the shelter. “Oh I saw you and stopped” shooting. Well what if you hadn’t…. these nobos haven’t been impressing me much yet. Maybe me standards are too high because I’m comparing them to Sobos that I knew.

Hawk Mountain itself was… odd. I’d been seeing gear that had been left behind all along the trail. Sometimes it was small things – a pair of bear bells hanging from a sign or sometimes large items, whole tents left on the side abandoned. Hawk Mountain had 3 Walmart special tents there, heavy 5-6 lb beasts that screamed “I’m not waterproof!” in every way. Extra food, $5 tarps, a pillow and the aforementioned BB gun (complete with 5lbs of bb’s) rounded out the ensemble.

Speaking of Sobos! I met the last two! Uhaul and his buddy whose name I can’t remember to save the life of me, who were eating dinner at woody gap when I hit in. They were going to night hike 10 miles or so in order to make springer and meet their folks tomorrow. They started august 14 and took 64 zero days and were thrilled to be finishing. We reminisced a bit about the places up north we missed and how there was no way we were as bad starting out as this years nobos. The reality is we were just as bad, if not worse in some ways.

Wonderful day though. It felt good to be moving as fast as I was and even more so to still have light at the end of the day.

I just looked up at the stars and remembered again why I love this all so very very much. It’s a freeing and wonderful experience. You get to be yourself and love and hate you for only you. Your decisions have an instantaneous impact for better or worse and it’s your fault how things turn out. Responsibility and its finest and most basic. You accept the things you have no control over, even if it’s just rain falling from the sky.

Somehow thought I have 4g wireless in the middle of the woods. Oh the modern world


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