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Blue Pad Sleeping Blues

Blue Pad Sleeping Blues

I went from sleeping in a hammock or a shelter every night (the hammock was always preferable – so comfortable) to being in a bed.
I wasn’t happy with that.

The novelty of the bed lasted for a week or two. It really did. Hell the novelty of Everything lasted for a week or two. And then it didn’t.

So where does that leave you, if you’re not even comfortable in your own bed anymore? Obviously I can’t hang my hammock up in a basement (yet) but I can sleep on the floor and get some of that shelter feeling back.

So I did. I got better sleep on the floor then I did in the bed. My back felt better, I was more rested and I fell asleep faster. I’ve become accustomed to the “hardship” the average person avoids.

You don't need much space to live
The blue pads always hold a special place in my heart

It’s odd how little space you need after hiking. You’ve lived your life out of a 60L pack, keeping it to a weight you are comfortable with because you’re carrying it on your back. You come home and you’ve got all this SPACE! Even something as “small” as a 9×9 room is gigantic to you.

How much space do we actually need as people? I’m currently living with my mother and step dad, in a suburban monstrosity. A 4 bedroom + separate downstairs apartment monstrosity. I had hosted a bunch of hikers here during late June, while my folks were out of town, so that the hikers could see DC, and never ran out of space. A dozen hikers.

Hell just the basement could fit a dozen people with room to spare. I’m living the life right now. And I am in no way happy with that.

I truly think we do better with less. What we lack in choice with less is made up for in ingenuity and happiness. Society it seems places a great value on “stuff” – all the things that show we are successful. For me, the most successful I’ve ever been was when I had everything I needed to survive on my back and under 40lbs. Being able at the end of the day to let it all explode into my tiny little space was the most rewarding thing.


Admire the ladies beachwear sandals there for a minute too. Because you love how awesome they look, and how comfortable they are.

As E.T. would say – do less with more.

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  1. Interesting, I can’t see this happening to me for 2 reasons. 1) I have arthritis in my neck and lower back. 2) I still sleep in the waterbed I made in the late 70’s. I think doing without my waterbed may cause withdrawal symptoms. Time will tell.

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