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T-Minus 22 Days

T-Minus 22 Days

Only 3 weeks until I leave on a jet-plane. I don’t know when I’ll be back again.

I guess that’s not actually true. I know that this trip is going to take about 3 months, but I’m pretty open ended on the “where I’ll be ending.”


Where am I going exactly?

I’ll be starting in Astoria, Oregon where I’ll jump in the Pacific Ocean (oh yes, it’ll be cold) and the start the long pedal back towards the East coast. Along the way I’ll pass through at least 11 states, see some folks I haven’t seen in a very long time and meet a whole bunch of new ones! I’ll deal with elevation changes up to about 12,000 feet, rain and wind, stretches where there are no stores or towns and places where I go right through downtown.

How exactly will I be doing this? With the most efficient mechanical power a person can have! A bicycle!


Loaded down with two rear waterproof panniers (a fancy old French/Latin word for breadbasket) and all my stuff, I’ll ride this about 4,200 miles. While I may have to have the seat surgically removed from my behind by the end of this trip, biking lets me see things that I never would from a car.

I’ll be camping most nights, finding space in forests, fields or even a nice person’s backyard along the way. Perhaps finding someone to host my via WarmShowers so that I can do some laundry or take a long shower. There’s a variety of places to stop and stay for free as well – some towns allow you to camp in their parks at night, there are churches that allow you to camp and use their facilities.

And the sights! I’ll get to visit some amazing places! Yellowstone National Park is one of the highlights I’m really looking forward to, and I can’t wait to spend 3 or 4 days pedaling around the park and seeing everything I can. Mammoth Cave in Kentucky is a place I’ve been to before as a kid, but I want to see it all over again, and perhaps even get some caving in while I’m there.

So if you see me pedaling along, or know I’m passing near you, you should let me know! I’m taking all kinds of side-trips to see people along the way, and I’d love to meet you and steal your shower for a night! It’ll be all kinds of fun!

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  1. If you plan it right you will around the Missouri or the Great Smokey Mountain National Park around August 21, 2017, to see the FULL solar eclipse. That is where it will be maximum.

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