T-6 Packing and Jitters

T-6 Packing and Jitters

Have you ever gotten the shakes?

On Wednesday (5/3) last week I start getting the shakes at work. I started going through all the things in my head that I didn’t have packed, wasn’t ready for, everything that could go wrong. I sat in my chair at work and worried for the last two hours. I worried so much I made a list. Then I went home and tried to pack.

I say “try” because I didn’t get very far into it. I started running around town looking for those things I thought I was missing. “Zip ties! I can’t leave without enough zip ties! Also extra screws! And! And! And!” My friends Jordan and Alex followed me around on my increasingly panicky errands until Alex stopped me. “You’ve got everything. It’s fine.”

He was right. It was just the jitters. The shakes. The anticipation. If you’ve ever seen a horse before a race (or a person for that matter) there are really two different kinds of lead ups to the start. There’s the one that bounces around, is nervous and in the case of people, talks a lot. They try and keep their nervousness on the outside. The second type keeps it on the inside. They look focused, lean, hungry. On the inside they are vibrating like a string plucked hard, and sometimes that vibration comes out. They aren’t scared, they are just so ready to go.

So instead of freaking out any more I did other things. Played some volleyball. Went on a couple of long rides. Went to go see a movie at the drive-in theater. Where they had a tether-ball court! I never actually played tether-ball growing up – our schools didn’t have it. So I got to learn a new game and found out the tether-ball is a hell of a workout!

I also got a haircut. Which is kind of a big deal. I hadn’t had a haircut in something like 9 months, with the predictable results the followed. I’m really lucky that my job doesn’t really hassle me about personal grooming, since my hair was out of control. So is my beard, but I haven’t made a decision yet on how much/if I’m going to shave it. But the haircut was needed. Now I fit my helmet!

The big thing though was packing and shipping off my bicycle. I had settled on shipping it via FedEx/Bikeflights.com – if you haven’t checked out this service yet you should! It’s an amazing time saver. I had snagged a box from my local bike store a few weeks ago and on Monday I just packed it up into it. Then I shoved another 20 pounds of gear in! All my camping stuff, all the things I can’t take on a flight (thanks TSA!) all went in. I taped it off, slapped a label on it and shipped it off! Super easy! And it will be waiting for me at a local bike shop in Portland next week, all put together and waiting for me to ride it off into the sunset!

Still surprised everything fit. Shipping weight – 56 pounds


So it’s now Friday, 5/12. This is my last day of work. The jitters are calmed and I feel good. This weekend will be saying goodbye to some folks, packing up my truck and cleaning my room out and then driving up to the Washington DC area to say goodbye to my folks and catch my flight on Tuesday night to Minneapolis, where I’ll spend the night before getting to Portland on Wednesday. It’s exciting in so many ways!


“I always wonder why birds choose to stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on earth. Then I ask myself the same question”

  • Harun Yahya

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  1. Have fun, Be safe, Listen to that little voice deep inside you, Don’t wear your heart on your sleeve, Rest, Eat, Stay in touch with your command post…..They have your back, It is beautiful out there- Enjoy the View, Have a Party when you are back so all can listen to your wonderful stories, Say a prayer everyday for your blessings, I am proud to know you.

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