Nothing quite like a plane delay!

Nothing quite like a plane delay!

One of the more amusing/terrible things that can happen on any trip is the unwanted delay in the airport. In this case, a two hour delay on my first flight leg.

Originally I was supposed to leave at 10pm, which in my mind showing up at the airport around 8/830ish in order to get through security. I’ve never flown on an evening flight, so I was expecting the same sort of long lines I normally get. Nopr. Not a single person in line at security.

Let me say that again. No security line.

I know, blew my mind too. Luckily it meant I got a few more minutes to say goodbye to my folks. David (my brother) my Dad and Patricia came with me to see me off. They also saw me off on my first AT thru hike, but this was a little nicer on the hours – especially considering that first hike I left at like 6am. We had a wonderful dinner prior to leaving for the airport, so when we saw the line, or lack thereof, we all realized we should have spent more time at home. I had seen Mom and my step-father Marv earlier in the day, so this was goodbye for good. Or at least for a few months.

So now I await my flight, which will take me to Minneapolis, where I hope to catch a few hours of sleep before my flight in the morning to Portland. But this is it – the start of another grand adventure!

Of course, a start wouldn’t be the same without some silly pictures.

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