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5/18 – Day one of the TransAm!

5/18 – Day one of the TransAm!

So today I started the TransAm.

I got to say goodbye to Atreyu before he went to work. It was so good to see both him and Buckeye again. It truly had been far too long since we’d last seen each issued on the AT and everytime we were in the same areas circumstances conspired to keep us apart. But getting to stay with them was a treat.

Buckeye drove me out to Astoria, which was an amazing thing in itself. I was expecting to make that trip via bike as sorta a shake down ride. We got there and had a delicious meal of fish and chips on the dock while the seals barked at us. The brewery we went to had glass in the floor so you could see the seals underneath the pier. Super cool. We also went up to the Astoria column which is a large monument you can climb. It gave is a great view of the town.

And then it was time to be off! Some pictures from Buckeye and then pedaling out of town and over the bridges. The wide shoulders of Oregon are wonderful and the bicycle laws are super nice too have. Everyone gives you space and doesn’t try to like you.

Riding the Oregon coast is amazing. I had to stop at the first town with the ocean so that I could go and touch it. So cold. So salty. I got my feet wet and splashed some in my face. It was really nice. Then I jumped in it. So cold! While I was there I met some other cyclists who were unpacking their bikes! They were headed up the Columbia River trail and riding back to New Jersey. What a small world!

I made good time, and had a few climbs with a grade that left me scratching my head. But I felt strong and truly flew on the downhills. I ate dinner at a park, and talked to a few people who wanted to know what I was doing.
Most of the parks in the cost area don’t allow camping in them, which made me a little sad. Being able to have my tent open up to the waves and seeing sun would be truly wonderful. Instead I found myself a nice stealth spot by a Fire dept.

Overall a wonderful first day. I was a little worried starting out – I had a little wheel shimmy but I think it was just me loading the bike a little awkwardly. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get the aero bars to work with my setup – something I’m sure to miss in the super flat states. Also my race computer isn’t working for some reason after I fixed the wires that broken, and won’t display distance/mph. So I’m going to try and fix that in the next few days.

Tomorrow is more coast riding! I’m excited for it!

Miles – approx 37

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