Day 3 – In which I math poorly and perform a pizza magic trick!

Day 3 – In which I math poorly and perform a pizza magic trick!


I had a hard time counting just now. Mostly because I didn’t believe what the map was telling me.

85 miles.

The morning was very Oregon – fog, chilling mist and wet roads. I didn’t get started until almost 9am. But once I got moving I felt great. A nice long twisty climb up the old scenic highway 101 gave me some new folk to talk to! 3 ladies out for a ride to the town of Otis for adventure and breakfast. They informed me that there was a race this weekend centered on Pacific City and to expect seeing riders going in the opposite direction all day.

I made it rose lodge where I picked up a pair of corn dogs and a slushy. Then started riding up Rt 18. Rt 18 has a very limited shoulder and a lot of traffic. The maps explicitly say to try and avoid weekend riding. Whoops. It’s Saturday! Lots of cars.

About halfway up the climb I felt my pedlas get sluggish and bind a little. I looked down and in horror saw the cap/nut/cover for the crank bearings was loose and causing my pedals to bind up. I quickly pulled over and screwed it back on using my fingers. I didn’t have the proper tool to do it, and my needle nose pliers and collection of Allen wrenches didn’t help. I had stop about every quarter mile on the climb up. I coasted down the other side (pedaling loosened the cap) and made it to a hardware store with the intent of finding a strap wrench. Closed. I hit the gas station up the street. No locktite. I resigned myself to hand tighten every 15 min or so.

I eventually made it up to Valley Junction where I find an Indian casino and a better equipped gas station. I used some super glue to hold the bolt cover in. It worked! Mostly. After an hour I noticed it lose again but not coming all the way undone. Small victory.

I kept pedaling on, and destroyed my first block of cheese somewhere near a small town called Rickreall. I had my mind set on a cheeseburger in Monmouth, when was I entered the town I saw of all things, a bike work station! It was perfect! Wonderful! Everything I had ever wanted. I put my bike up on the stand and examined the new tools I had at my disposal! Before I even had time to wrench on it, a local reporter came running over to talk to me.

Apparently she was doing a story on the new bike station that I was using and asked me questions about my trip, about how important the work station was to me, background etc. I can sum up how important that work stand was to me:

I want to kiss whomever authorized putting it in!

I managed to wrench down the cover, and put some air in my back tire as well (slow leak?) And set off again. I got maybe half a mile when I saw a Little Ceasers. I bought a pizza. And devoured it in 5 minutes. Delicious.


In my mind I had planned to camp somewhere outside of Monmouth. But when i got to the state park I found it was a day use only. I went on. The next one was a “wildlife management area” – public hunting. Pass. I stopped in at a small village to see if I could camp at the fire station. No answer. The two Warmshowers propel I called didn’t pick up. I made it into Lewisburg, almost to Corvallis and found the fire department there. “sure you can camp here if you want.”.

I threw down my wet tent and set up. Now I get to blissfully sleep. Eugene and James tomorrow!

Miles completed today – 85

Blocks of cheese eaten – 1


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  1. This is a wonderful adventure. Very proud of you!!! I really think you should write a book about this adventure……With a sense of humor, it all will be fun.

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