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Day 4 – into Eugene!

Day 4 – into Eugene!


Things I have learned today: how to pronounce Willamette the Oregon way. How much grass the Willamette valley grows. 3 glasses of wine after a day of riding sneaks up on you. Oregon is a pretty nice state.

Woke up and cruised out with intentions to do the 42 miles + 6 into Eugene at a fairly relaxed pace. Lots of sun and no shade made the blacktop heat up quick. I have a sneaky suspicion this is what Kansas will be like… So time to apply sunscreen and smell like the beach.

Made it to Eugene proper and biked through the streets with a legion of other spandex and Lycra clad folks. I got a few looks since I was disgusting and carrying so much stuff. But I made it to James and Angela’s door at 12:30pm on Sunday. Now that’s way faster than I thought. Originally I was planning on being there maybe Sunday night at the earliest. But I’m speedy!

Hugs and kisses ensue. Followed by a shower that was needed. And then a bowl of Mac n cheese (“I blinked and it was gone! You inhaled it!”). Then it’s winery time! We went out to “Sweet Cheeks” just outside of town where I met a whole slew of friends and munched and talked and drank. A good crowd. The ride back was filled with singing kesha at the top of our lungs.

Dinner was a giant double burger and bottomless fries – a perfect day end. A comfy couch and a bottle of water closed it out. Monday would bring all the town chores.

Miles – 42


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