Day 7 – This was a good day

Day 7 – This was a good day

5-25. Redmond to Mitchell

67.5 miles ridden today

Got up. Got dressed. Got moving. I stuck my thumb out and got a quick hitch into Bend to see the town. Wow! What a place! I snagged some breakfast at The Breakfast Club (delicious) and wandered around town a bit. I stopped in at one of the climbing gyms and shot the shit a little. It’s was beautiful. And deserted. Everyone was out climbing real rock. Real slabby wonderful things. I ran a quick pair of 5.8s and hitched back to Redmond.

Snagging the bike I made quick work of the 20 miles to Prineville where I saw my first sign acknowledging that the TransAm even exists! “Welcome TransAm Cyclists!” In front of the Good Bike Co. I squealed to a stop to say hello.

I signed a guestbook and chatted for 15 minutes with the pair inside, James and Kristen. I had to turn down early beer because if I’d had a drink I don’t think I would have left. Plus Kristen had her adorable dog there, a heeler named Emma who just deserved all the pets. And you know – cute lady who had interesting conversation.

I knew that I had a fairly long, if not especially strenuous climb ahead of me, but the big issue was there was no listed water for the 40 or so miles it was going to be. I packed an extra two litres into my bag and left the park I had stopped for lunch at. I intended to not make the same mistakes as yesterday, hydrating well and eating enough snacks throughout. I’ve started carrying my snacks for the section in my front bag, makes it easier to get to and eat.

The climb was steady and long, and I felt pretty good overall. It started to get windy about halfway up, enough that I put on my windbreaker. And then it shifted direction right into my face. Uphill pedal. Into the wind. Yippee.

Clearing the summit brought me to the descent. Another sharp one for 7 miles. I wasn’t worried until the wind kicked up again. Still in my face. I didn’t have to use my brake very often thanks to that, but I still had a few pucker moments when I felt the wind shift slightly.

A small uphill climb brought me to Mitchell. And the wonderful Be Spoke hostel. The bike shop in Prineville had told me about them and said I HAD to check them out. They. Are. Wonderful. I’ve been in a lot of hostels in my time. This is a top 5. So good. In addition to being a hostel for cyclists, they also act as the local community room for highschool kids, a basement church space on Sunday and generally do a lot of good work.

A hot shower and then we were all off to see the Painted Hills, a local natural rock formation. Just amazing and I’m so glad I got to drive there instead of bike!

Dinner and conversation followed, so much that it was 10pm when we finally dispersed.

Also finally caught another Eastbound TransAm rider! Eric is from Canada and we’ll probably ride out of here together tomorrow. But either way it was super good to see some other cyclists (5 here total tonight)

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  1. Great to see the pics of the changing scenery. I read these posts in the morning with my first cup of coffee. All looks great. Keep at it!

  2. I like how you capture the artistry in nature. Beautiful country. I’m enjoying traveling vicariously with you.

  3. Success can be measured…
    By the Height of your Aspirations,
    The breadth of your Vision,
    The depth of your Convictions.
    Keep on Trucking….

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