Day 8 – in which I fix things thrice

Day 8 – in which I fix things thrice

Day 8 5-26 Mitchell to Mt Vernon

Sometimes the universe tells you to do things, and you just have to listen to it.

Today that was stopping early and not pushing.

I cleared out of the Spoke’n Hostel at 9:30 and I was sad to see it behind me. They truly are amazing people with a beautiful dream. Eric left before me (the other eastbound TransAm rider) and he said he’d be stopping for lunch at the diner in 40 miles.

The climb out wasn’t bad at all, just long. Preparation I guess for the future? But the downhill, the downhill was glorious. It was the perfect amount of steep and flat and turns. It was through Highlands farmlands and then the river gorge. Oh it was perfect, and with no traffic! I didn’t have to touch my brakes once nor did I pedal a lot. Like I said perfect.

There was a… shoe tree halfway down. The whole tree was covered in shoes. I was I’d had a local around to tell me “why” but I settled for a picture.

About 4 miles from lunch, I had my first “fix me” of the day. *pop* and *clatter* were what I heard and when I looked down my chain was no longer attached to itself or threaded through the bike.


Time to dig out the repair tools. And the quick Links. These are wonderful inventions that let you replace a busted link with very little actual effort. I got to work on the side of the sunny road and was back up and running once I remembered how to thread my chain (I was having a moment).

I met with Eric just as he was finishing his pie. I downed 4 glasses of root beer, a salad and a French dip sandwich and followed. Another 8 miles on or so, I saw a recumbent cyclist pull into my lane and stop. She was Christy, the Bike Inn owner and told me Eric was stopping there for the night. I wasn’t sure if I would, it was still early and I was feeling great all things considered. She went on her ride, and 10 minutes later my front tire went flat.



Time to switch a tube out! At least this time I had shade. The culprit was a long thorn that had gone right through the tire and into the tube. 30 minutes later I was back on the road chugging along. But i started to notice that my back tire was squishy too. Yep. That one was going flat…

Made it to town and listened to the universe. I sat down on the bench in the shade at the hostel and proceeded to pick all the pineapple pieces out of the trail mix bag. I say there for an hour drinking cold water and just being okay with not moving. Then I threw the bike onto the work stand and changed the rear tube. The goats climbing the rocks above me watched the whole time.

After going inside and taking a shower I discovered an old guitar. Time to play! I sat on the patio as the sun started setting and played songs my fingers barely remembered or felt, becoming numb in a whole other way. Glorious.

Total mile – 62

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  1. I can almost hear the music you made. Sorry about the necessary repairs, but happy they were not major. Sights and sounds so descriptive in your writing.

    1. Hey man, it was great meeting you at the Spoke N Hostel! Best of luck on your ride. Keep it rubber side down!

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