Day 10 – Baker Bike Hostel rest day

Day 10 – Baker Bike Hostel rest day

Talked with my folks this morning and they both made the point that I’d seen enough people blow themselves out too early on the trails to do that to myself. So I took a zero. And filmed a video update for y’all.

Statistics though!


567 miles bikes so far!

3 8oz blocks of cheese eaten.

3 inner tubes changed

0 blisters

Now I’m watching the moon rise with a fading sun. The Oregon high desert is behind me. In front is the path to the Big Sky of Montana.

And to more popsicles.



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  1. ” I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown,
    for going out, I found I was really going in.” John Muir
    Be safe Have fun….

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