Day 12 – climbs and infield homeruns

Day 12 – climbs and infield homeruns

Day 12 – 5/29

At some point I think I got my dating not numbers mixed up. I’ll fix it when I’m in town.

I left Baker City early. 730am. It called me back to town the whole time “there’s still popsicles to eat!”. The climb up and out was simple, and I had fresh legs. Before I knew it, it was 11am and I’d done 40 miles and was in Richfield. Now I had decisions to make.

There was a long, steep climb immediately out of Richfield. Originally I had wanted to wait until the worst of the heat had passed, and do the climb at 4/5pm or so. But that had been predicated on showing up in Richfield at around 1pm. I was 2 hours early. I cooked a large lunch, sat in the shade at the park and read from my phone, since there was power and water available. A bunch of kids showed up to play baseball. It was nice. But by 230 I was going a little nuts. So I started pedaling.

The climb was long. Switchbacked up the high hill, so you could see what was coming. And once you were up the side you could see for miles into the valley. It was wonderful. But terrible. Made even worse by the lack of shoulder. Luckily there was almost no traffic. I eventually managed to crest the hill and found myself on a steep, 7% grade downhill.

I really hope this isn’t what the Rockies will be like. Because between the heat and how often I was using them, my brakes started to feel mushy ¾ of the way down. I pulled off into emergency stop areas twice to let them cool. But it was uncomfortable. Not to mention I kept worrying about my rear tire (it’s fine, the tube is 100% better).

The one thing that was truly amazing though was the view from the top. Miles of grass. Rolling hills and valleys. Wind ruffling your hair and teasing your clothes. Perfect. In the background, snow covered mountains that tower up and act stalwart against all comers.

I made it down and coasted along another river gorge, finally in some shade provided by the steep walls of the gorge. And a mile from the finish there was a country store. With ice cream. Sold. I got a big cone of huckleberry and a bottle of sweet tea. The ice cream was delicious and the tea disappointing.

The campsite tonight is provided by Idaho power. This is important because it means I’m literally on the border with Idaho. A new state. As soon as I cross the bridge tomorrow I’m in Idaho. Also I’ll be in a new time zone. Exiting. The campground had a shower as well! I figured since I’d paid $10 I might as well use it. I busted out my Captain America camp towel (thanks work folk!) and my peppermint Dr. Bronners soap and felt deliciously refreshed. Dinner and wifi stealing commenced.

Tomorrow starts a new state. My 2nd state. It’s an exciting moment! But for now I have a tent in soft grass with the quarter moon hanging in the sky and a river rushing next to me. A wonderful way to put myself to bed.

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    That we build the brightest tomorrows…..”
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