Day 13 – 5/30 – in which I share internal monologue

Day 13 – 5/30 – in which I share internal monologue

Oxbow OR to Council ID

Miles -60ish

Today I made it into Idaho. It was wonderful. And then I was an incredibly long uphill climb. I also moved into a new time zone! I ended up in a town called Council.

A friend of mine mentioned how I never really talk about the actual biking portion – what I actually am thinking when I bike. So here’s a day of what I was thinking.


Is it morning already? How am I still tired. I slept for 8 hours last night.

Ok. Camp. Take it down. Pack bags. Take down tent. Bathroom. Breakfast. Oh god what do I have for breakfast today? I hate everything I have for breakfast. Choke down that Poptart. Or the cereal. Ugggggh

Ok. Time to get on the bike. Aaaaand I’m on. And my knee is a little stiff. Big surprise. Time to pedal. 14 miles to the border.

WHY is this hill here?! It wasn’t on the map!!

Oh nice road. Except every 25 feet is a little thump. How is my back tire? Fine. Good. Phew.

River river river users everywhere. So many boats.

Bridge…. And IDAHO! Woohoo smiles and selfie time!!!

Ok. Now here’s the long stupid climb. Loooooong. Hot. Glad I brought extra water.

Oh this climb sucks. Ugh. Sucks!

Pull over. This is hot. How much water left? Shit car! Shuffle over a little more. Back on the bike.

My legs are jello. There’s shade. I’ll rest there. Why can’t I get to the creek I here and dunk my face in it?

Hot. Sweaty. Uphill climb. Wasn’t this supposed to be fun?

Almost to the top. Not much further OH a Bald Eagle!!!

The top! So long to get here. Now downhill. Sharp? Gradual. We’ll see.

Easy downhill. Nice! But still hot. Almost out of water. Only 10 miles to go.

Why are there so many crickets on the road? Last two miles has been all crickets. Living and dead. Hm.

Ok. Town is here…. Almost. What’s that sound? OH SHIT a dog is chasing me! Downshift and be like Vin Diesel. Pedal faster!

Town park. Shade. Water. I’ll hit the market for food and come back to wait out the heat.  Easy.

Popsicles! And a can of pineapple for scurvy prevention.

So nice to be in the shade. Let me read some.

Ok the rest was nice. 20 miles to the end today. Be there by 6.

What is that a hill I’m going up? Damnit.

I wonder if I could rig a sail on my bike for when I have tailwinds….

Ok. Found the town park. Bike here. Gonna go find food in the store.

All this food looks terrible. I’m getting a pizza.

They have wings too! And a 1.50 beer! Score!

So full. Bed time. Mmmmm sleep. And texts from a pretty lady. This is good.


4 Replies to “Day 13 – 5/30 – in which I share internal monologue”

  1. I’m afraid there will be many hill ahead. But you knew that. Keep your eyes on the prize. And take it easy on the knee. (Maybe a brace?)

  2. “What lies behind us and what lies before us
    are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”
    Ralph Waldo Emerson

  3. I’m all caught up. Just read what you’ve been up to for the last hour. So happy your documenting your adventures. Stay awesome!

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