Day 14 – headwinds and accidents!

Day 14 – headwinds and accidents!

Day 14 -5/31

I really should place my tent in better places. Because I woke up with the sun right into my sleeping face.


But it meant I got up and moving fairly well. I pedaled out of town for a couple of small hills. Within 20 minutes of leaving town I saw another cyclist in front of me. A big grin split my face as I realized it was Eric.

We pulled over at the top of the hill and talked a little and said we’d meet up in New Meadows (Idaho) for lunch. We made good time and pulled in seeing a big sign that the road we needed for the afternoon was closed due to an accident.

We ate and talked to a few locals. Apparently a tractor trailer had crashed into a power pole and was flipped over, blocking the road. The guy turning traffic around at the road told us he couldn’t stop us from continuing on, but he didn’t advise it. So we waited in town for a few hours until the road reopened.

We descends to the gorge and saw the accident site. Crews were hard at work fixing the jersey barrier on the side and the power line. We battled heavy winds right in the face for 3 hours on your way, having to pedal going downhill is a depressing thing. We made it to the town of Riggins right as it started drizzling. We tried 3 RV parks before finally deciding to split a motel room.

The town had no power still, so we went to the only open place in town, a bar that was cooking on propane. I got a massive Reuben and a salad and the power came on as we were finishing eating.

While we were there we met up with another TransAm biker. Garret had hurt his knee a few days ago when he was doing stupid high mileage days (100+). He’s been resting since and has an appointment with a doctor in Missoula for an MRI. The hope is that it’s not a muscular or tendon tear. Which would probably be an trek ender.

I fell asleep in a real bed for the first time in two weeks. It was glorious. Rain most of the day tomorrow. So we’ll see how far we go.


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  1. yikes. we’re glad you came in at the end of that accident and not the beginning. browsing your posts is entertaining us tonight during a nice dinner outside that we wish we could share with you — xoxo p & m

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