Day 15 – 6/1: a little rain comes my way

Day 15 – 6/1: a little rain comes my way

6/1 day 15

Riggins ID to Grangeville ID

49 miles

There’s something amazing about motel rooms. Even more amazing about days you know will be short and allow a little lie in. We lounged around until almost 11am and grabbed muffins from the cafe next door. It was glorious.

What wasn’t too glorious was the rain. It was falling fairly steadily and there was no avoiding it. Rain gear on!

We pedaled well until we hit the base of our big climb. Switchbacked all the way up. It was a piece of cake. Not because it was short or easy, but because it was constant. And there was no traffic. It was up and over to the top. Luckily the rain stopped at the base so we got to be dry going over.

At the top we had to contended with just a mile of main road before we got back on the back roads for the descent. It was a harrowing mile. The rain was just starting again and there was no shoulder. I think I did my fastest mile on a bike.

The descent was a little chilly and very wet. But again – no traffic. Made it easy to get down. In town I stopped and got some hot chocolate and as I paid Eric pulled up. Mexican for dinner across the street put the blood back into my fingers and fire in my soul.

The next section should take me to Missoula by Sunday afternoon. Very little if any cell service from here until then though. I want to thank everyone who follows and reads this. And especially those who leave comments. Y’all make my day! Thanks all!



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  1. So we wanted to know how far it was from Grangeville to Missoula… 170… and a new time zone! Yikes! But it looks like a few mountains in the way… cool.

  2. “When you take on a goal, figure out what you have to deliver in order to succeed, and then determine the steps necessary. You must manage the process one step at a time. That doesn’t mean you can’t have multiple goals; however. It does mean that when you are working on one area, you better have your focus there if you want to do well.”
    Russell Bishop of the Huffington Post

    How do you eat an elephant?
    One bite at a time.
    How do you climb a mountain?
    One Bike at a time……lololol be safe and have fun.

  3. Greetings from RVA. Keep it up! It’s an inspiring trip. You’ve planted the seed in my head for a long haul of my own.

  4. Hi Mike, we met you along the road from Riggins over Lolo Pass. We were the two Australians on the motorbikes next to the raging river. We kept chatting about you and your journey as we rode on up the hill and felt quite inspired by your sense of adventure and determination. Safe travels!

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