June 2 Day 16 – the worst of downhills

June 2 Day 16 – the worst of downhills

June 2 day 16

Grangeville to Campsite near Lowell ID

Miles – 56.5

I had to get off my bike and push today.

Not uphill. Nope. Downhill. The Lamb Grade Rd was straight down. 2500 ft in maybe a mile and a half. It was awful. And scary. And I was holding my brakes to the stops. So I got off and walked it.

There was no reason to go this route either. The state highway had a shoulder and didn’t have that many cars. Instead we went down this thing. Miserable. I can’t imagine trying to ride up it!

I’m still angry about this road. This has dominated my thoughts all day.

Met another cyclist today though. Brett is on the Lewis and Clark trail and heading east with hopes of reaching Boston. He used to own a bike shop in Utah but got bought out by trek. Nice guy!

That stupid road though!

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  1. Yikes! Sounds like a good decision. Can’t imagine it on a bike, let alone a car. Aside from that, campsite looks peaceful and the scenery verdant. You definitely are in Big Sky country.

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