Day 20 – A wild TransAm racer appear

Day 20 – A wild TransAm racer appear

Day 20 6/6

Miles 66 Missoula to Darby Mt

I can dilly-dally all day if I need to. I did a good job of it today. I think the last hour before I left Missoula and Bruce’s place i walked back and forth just doing nothing because I didn’t want to leave. I could definitely see why two people ended their tours in Missoula.

I went and visited the Adventure Cycling Association though. Got my picture on the wall. Talked to some folks. Complained about the Lamb Grade Rd on the map. In general just relaxed. It was a super nice place. I had been expecting a 2 or 3 person office in a bad business park. Instead it was a bustling office in downtown with 30 or so people. An impressive operation. I got to see the bike that mapped the TransAm trail and lots of interesting pictures. And I got some ice cream.

I cleared out of town and was almost instantly rewarded when the first place Rider in the TransAm race blew past me. He was cruising and looked terrible. Like he hadn’t slept.

I decided to push a little farther out so I could tackle a major pass the next day. I was riding through the last town before I went through 5 miles to a primitive campsite when Eric was jumping up and down in the road ahead of me! He was sitting eating and waiting for the 2-4 riders to come through town. He’d also found a cheap RV park in town to camp at. Sold. I sat with him and cheered as the racers came through town.

I set up my tent tonight and got out the uke to play to the sunset. It doesn’t get dark until almost 10pm now. I played songs I hadn’t really heard on a uke in 5 years. A little bittersweet in some respects.

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  1. Thanks for the heads-up on the Tran Am Bike Race. Following online–fascinating. There are 128 eastbound riders and three westbound. There is a checkpoint in the town of West Yellowstone, among others. Ben Colwill is in the lead with a pace of 19.4 mph. Others riders to follow. Watch you six.

  2. “No man should go through life without once experiencing healthy, even bored solitude in the wilderness, finding himself depending solely on himself and thereby learning his true and hidden strength.”
    Hack Kerouac

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