6-11 Day 25 – the beauty of Yellowstone

6-11 Day 25 – the beauty of Yellowstone

6-11 day 25

Madison Junction to Grant Village

37 miles

There was still some chill the morning but nothing awful. A little rain came up so I put rain pants on.

The ride was uneventful. But the real winner was all the stops I made. I stopped for everything. Every overlook. Ever pullout. Every spring. Everything. And I couldn’t be happier. The names all blurred together from the painted pots to the grand prismatic spring. But I stopped at everything.

I made it to Old Faithful. I saw an eruption. I read all the signs at the visitor center. I even got a buffalo meatloaf slice. But most importantly I got warm. I don’t think I had realized just how chilled I’d been all morning. Between the dampness and the wind I was colder than I thought. So I stayed inside and got warm.

And then the sun came out. And it was glorious.

I took all day to get to camp. I stopped everywhere. I took all the pictures. And I was happy. I smiled all day even when it was a little colder than I wanted. I was in Yellowstone. I was seeing places I’d only saw in pictures. I was cycling and moving and feeling good.

One of those things about Yellowstone is the wildlife is on the roads. I’d seen bison the first day and elk. Birds and hawks. But I hadn’t seen a grizzly. Until later afternoon. I was stopped waiting for elk to cross and I had looked over my shoulder to see if there were cars coming behind me. And there it was. A grizzly bear. A big one. Crossing the road 100 meters away. Lumbering across without a care. I didn’t get a picture but my pulse sped up. Because you know. Grizzly.

More rain at night. In fact a beautifully loud thunderstorm at night. A thunder strike less than a mile away. It made the fact that my campsite was covered in snow a little less sad.

A good day.

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  1. Wow. The photos are great. I have never been to Yellowstone. I guess I should plan a trip. I think of all the sites you have seen-close up-if not walking the AT then biking. Good to hear from you, keep the posts going.

  2. I was there 46 years ago next month and by your pictures Yellowstone hasn’t changed. Which is a good thing. Good luck on the Grizzly. They are very shy for the most part. The smaller bears were far more common when i was there, saw them all day long. We were there for two weeks but only saw one Grizzly. Yellowstone is an amazing place. For a huge oozing pimple on the face of our country it has lots going on. At some point stop and count to 10 slowly. Soak it all in. then when you are back in the city you will be able to stop, count to 10 and take yourself right back to the spot that you started the count. I was taught this by a very zen person I once knew……..It works every time. Enjoy the cold it is getting hotter in the plains. Do you get cramps? You have time to think what you will need for the heat and fluid loss. Enjoy, Have fun, and Be safe..
    ” I think that travel comes from some deep urge to see the world, like the urge that brings up a worm in an Irish bog to see the moon when it is full.” Lord Dunsany

  3. Amazing terrain. Soak in the scenery and relish the quiet moments. Wyoming and other parts west are vastly different from what you will encounter through the Plains, where long stretches of fields and vistas will be unending and probably not as picturesque. We live in an amazing and beautiful country. I’m so glad you are experiencing it from the seat of a bicycle. Rock on, roll on.

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