6/12 Day 26 – leaving Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons and hail

6/12 Day 26 – leaving Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons and hail

6-12 day 26

Grant Village to Hatchet Campground

57 miles

The thunderstorms in the night shook the campground for an hour. I laid awake for 10 minutes of them at 2am, listening to the Thunder and lightening get closer and closer. There was a strike that has a second between flash and thunder. Less than a mile right?

I spent a little extra time trying to dry out my tent. Nothing worse than a wet tent being packed away. Martjin did the same and I eventually got myself out of camp with the intent of getting to the campground at the very least and possibly going over the 9600ft pass. If I could manage to beat the weather and get to Dubois I wouldn’t have to worry about snow/sleet/rain that was in the forecast.

I stopped at more than a few little spots again, enjoying the volcanic and geological wonders of Yellowstone before I started the descent out of the park. The path took me on a winding rim road above one of the rivers flowing out of lake Yellowstone. Truly amazing. Except for the fact that it was all blind corners on the road. Oh and it seemed like I’d hit the sweet spot of people trying to leave the park. Whoops.

I stopped at the gas station/store at the start of the Rockefeller parkway for a snack. While there a cyclist showed up on tour with a guitar strapped to his bike. Now I thought I’d been pushing it by taking this ukulele… but this was something else entirely. He has welder a second rack to his first rack and had strapped the guitar to that. Ingenious! He was on his way into the park and was eventually heading to a wedding in Oregon.

From the store I traveled into the Grand Tetons. Mountains rose up again on the outskirts of my route and they all had angry large clouds on them. You could see the rain coming down off their sides.

And then the rain started coming down on me. The wind kicked up and the drizzle started. I just managed to make it to a gas station and was eating, of all things, an ice cream bar when suddenly hail started coming down. Not just small hail. This hail the size of marbles. Looked like no pass for me today.

Also stuck there were several TransAm racers. This is the back third of the pack, but still folks gamely going on. They too were not happy with rain and wind. The dropping temperatures meant that it would be a cold damp afternoon. Not something anyone enjoyed and potentially dangerous for anyone trying to go over the pass.

Martjin and I pushed on to our campsite where we set up tents and immediately went to the bar at the resort next door. The locals there told us to expect snow on the pass currently, and the weather advised at least 6 inches of fresh snow tomorrow along with wind and rain and sleet. Not ideal weather at all. We decided that it would make more sense to stay in tents the whole day reasonably warm rather than attempt to go over and freeze.

A tent zero day is planned then for tomorrow! Not where I really wanted to take a rest day but sometimes that’s how these things work out.

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  1. Good judgment call. Apparently, weather across much of Wyoming was intense Monday night. Loved the guitar story and picture. Reminded me of my childhood guitar instructor who, as a Marine corpsman in WWII in the Pacific, had a guitar strapped across his pack that was hit by shrapnel.

  2. “The future belongs to him who knows how to wait”
    Russian Proverb
    “All comes at the proper time to him who knows how to wait”
    St. Vincent De Paul

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