6/13 day 27: tent zero at Hatchet

6/13 day 27: tent zero at Hatchet

6-13 day 27

0 miles

Tent zero day. Not exactly what I wanted but what I got.

I woke up from another wet night. At least it was only lightly misting when I emerged from my tent around 730. As I came back from the outhouse the site manager let me know that the webcam from the pass liked nasty. I told him I was staying the day and paid for another day. I then went back to sleep.

Seriously. I napped all day and read. Eventually I emerged from my cocoon to go to the bar at the resort. I got a beer and talked with some of the staff who were off duty. One had come over the pass that day and let me know that it had been slushy that morning but it should be clear.

I went back to sleep knowing that tomorrow’s climb up to the pass would at least be dry… ish.

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  1. ” A good rest is half the work” Yugoslav Proverb

    “A day out-of-doors, someone I love to talk with, a good book and some simple food and music- that would be rest.” Eleanor Roosevelt

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