6/16 Day 30 – in which Richmond meets Richmond

6/16 Day 30 – in which Richmond meets Richmond

6-16 day 30

60 miles lander to Jeffrey City, WY.

I spent the first half of the day in the bike shop. I had planned on a quick true of the rear wheel but then I started talking with the mechanics (who both hilarious and competent people) and we started finding other minor things. Something would get a little tweak and then something else would pop up. Rear wheel true led to a front wheel true. Which led to a chain replacement. Which led to adjusting the front derailleur. And the straightening the rear hanger. And lube. When I rode out of town on my bike it felt the smoothest it’s ever felt. I was amazed. Thank you Gannett Peak Sports – you made my day fly.

And fly it did. Leaving at 1:30 I made it to my destination 60 miles away in 4 hours. I was flying. No creaks in the bike made it a little weird too. It was so silent. I ate some lunch at historical sites for the Mormon Handcart expedition (#6!). It blows my mind that people would cross the country pulling a cart. I stopped for the night at a Baptist Church and found a Dutch couple. I drank some water and tried to figure out my route to ft Collins when the door opened again.

It was Bobby.

Bobby sold me my front bag on my bike and we discovered we both were doing the TransAm – but he was heading west to my east. We knew we were going to pass each other at some point but didn’t think it’d be in camp! There was some jumping around and laughing as we both rejoiced at meeting Richmond folk in Wyoming.

We ate and compared notes on what was to come for the other. Trading stories and important points. It was a joyful few hours before we went to sleep – Bobby has adopted a super early rising strategy to avoid the bad winds.

It’s amazing who you meet on the way! I could go on and on but the important part for each of us I think was that we were still going. 

Good luck and safety 3rd!

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  1. incredible, to come from opposite ends of the country and meet not only in the same state and the same town, but in the same church on the same night. here’s to more serendipity down the road!

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