Day 31 6/17 – first 100+ mile day and Trail Angels

Day 31 6/17 – first 100+ mile day and Trail Angels

Day 31 6/17

Jeffrey City to Saratoga

108 miles

Get up. Stand up. Stretch a little. Eat something. Fill the waters up. Pack the bike. Get on the bike and pedal.

It’s amazing to me how simple a routine like that sounds but it can take an hour to do. Luckily it’s easier when everything is still on the bike and you never take your bags off.

The ride to Rawlins was fairly quick, if not a little desolate. There was nothing on the road in Wyoming. Anytime I would pass something it was a dead roadside cafe or an abandoned house. Miles of scrub with nothing around. Even the air felt a little desperate. Like the wind was trying to escape with me over the border.

I made it to Rawlins and ate a little and hit the Walmart for a quick resupply. Since it was only 2pm I decided I couldn’t stop so it was time to push on. Which meant braving the highway. The official route takes you on an interstate for 15 miles, riding in the wide shoulder as massive amounts of traffic goes by. Fun. It actually wasn’t bad, until the “road construction” sign appeared and they shunted the traffic to contraflow on the other side. Nope! I blew past the sign as my exit was only a mile. Turns out, they were working on the bridge. I had to jump over a two foot gap twice and lift my bike. But it beat trying to ride in a 1ft wide shoulder.

The ride to the town park was uneventful but by the time the last few miles were dragging I was beat and the heat was starting to really get up. Blue sky with no clouds is nice… but it’s a lot of direct sun. I pulled into camp and started setting up. Until one of my neighbors walked over.

“Hey you’re on a bicycle. Would you join us for dinner? We have a bunch of extra burgers and beer!”

I think I stared open mouthed for a hot second before saying yes I’d be over as soon as I see up. And it was wonderful. 4 friends from Colorado out for a weekend – mother daughter and a married couple. They were just having a good time and decided to extend some trail magic. They were angels. 3 burgers, carrots, millet, chips and salsa and beer were wonderful. Conversation with people who weren’t myself, about a variety of topics and issues… I’m not sure how to describe how important it was. It was glorious

The  night extended into darkness, talks of everything from children to songs that get stuck in your head. There was a small wonderful fire and for the first time in awhile I got to look up and see stars. A river of stars stretching all the way back to the west coast. The east coast. North and South. The air got the chill of nighttime and the smokey tendrils of the fire caressed my face until after midnight.

Eventually I wandered off to bed. Happy. Thanks to 4 Trail Angels.

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  1. ‘desperate’… yep that’s the Wyoming I saw. However, the REAL heart stopping, stomach lurching lines were about the bridge…ah, no. the gap to nothingness is one of my nightmares, seriously. you are brave, good job.

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