6/22 day 36: a return to the TransAm and the heat dies down for now

6/22 day 36: a return to the TransAm and the heat dies down for now

Day 36 6/22

43 miles

Colorado Springs to Florence Co

Back to the official TransAm route today! I really do think I made the right decision to go into Ft. Collins and go south on the East side of the mountains. This trip is about seeing people and places and things. I love the Rockies don’t get me wrong. But at some point the passes all start to look the same, the numbers are just numbers and the tourist traps all look the same. Plus Breckenridge has been the bane of at least 4 cyclists in the last 2 weeks. One ended up in the hospital after a car hit him and the others with ruined bikes from cars. So yes. Happy with these choices

The route to Florence didn’t seem bad. Another day of just hot and wind. I left town and snagged two new tubes at the bike store before I did. Gotta keep stocked. Wind assailed me forcing me to pedal on the long slope down but you can’t have everything I suppose. I made it into friend by 1:30 and found the library. I had finished both of my novels and needed to refill. Also it was time to update the blog to current time. Sometimes it’s tough writing this because at the end of the day I just want food and sleep. But with the heat kicking back up I’ll probably be going back to my strategy of getting up early, biking until 1 and finding a town to stop in for lunch and a break. Starting again in the early evening for a few more miles to avoid as much heat as possible. Because I don’t like feeling like a fried egg.

I checked in at the police station and made my way over to the park I’d be sleep in tonight. I keep forgetting school is out so the place was swarming with the awkward highschool age folks. Those too young to have license’s and cars yet but those old enough that they wouldn’t be happy being cooped up inside. Amusingly a few of them started talking to me after I told them to quiet down while I was on the phone. They were 15 – that age where every other third word is a curse because they think it makes them tough (males). They asked me a few questions about the trip and then we talked about a variety of subjects

It’s was dinner time for most of them it seemed – 630/7 so they wandered off except for one young man. Turns out there’s nothing really at home for him, if you read between the lines. I’d already eatrn (pizza – delicious) so I fired up my stove and cooked the dinner I would have eaten otherwise (creamy garlic shells with chicken) and gave it to him to eat. He did the usual protesting dance. But his eyes lit up and he ate it. I wonder if the local school district does summer meals – sometimes it’s all kids have all summer until school starts again. It’s tough on them – you should be worries about your crush liking you back, not a gnawing hunger in your belly.

Camp is set in the pavilion and a different group of teens is hanging around now, ladies maybe 16/17. The boys just showed up to pick them up, all of them piling into an SUV to go to a party or cruise. Anything to waste away the young summer evening. A line from a Brand New song comes to mind.

I’m gonna stay 18 forever/so we can stay like this forever/and we’ll never miss a party/because we keep them going constantly

The heat has finally cooled. The breeze is picked up and can’t decide it’s course and there is warm grass under my feet. I’ve played music that only makes sense to me on the uke and let other’s puzzle It’s meaning.  It’s a good night.

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  1. First full day of summer. Looking at a map and it appears you’ve worked your way through most of the mountains. Midwest ahead!

  2. I have a feeling that the meal you shared with that young man will not be soon forgotten. Random acts of kindness can make the world a better place. Your altruism is as big as your heart.

  3. Today is Friday the 23rd at about 7 am est a guy from Austria made it to Annapolis from California in 8 days and change. He was bout 20 hours off his record. It was reported to show up today as many will they will only get 2-4 hours of sleep during the trip. That’s brutal- I like your way…. see the country, meet up with people, make a difference in someone’s life…….when you are 65 and your grand-kid ask you “What was the coolest thing you ever did” you have a great answer.

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