Day 33 6/19 – Leaving the TransAm for Ft. Collins and friends!

Day 33 6/19 – Leaving the TransAm for Ft. Collins and friends!

Day 33 6/19

Walden co to Ft Collins co

100 miles

This was going to be a long day so I planned appropriately. Up early, breakfast and then the climb out of town. Since town was already at 8000 feet climbing another 2500 didn’t feel too bad. Except for the breathing part. The higher I got the harder my chest pounded. I stopped for water at the Ranger station and met a cyclist from New Zealand coming down. We chatted and he recommended a brewery for the evening.

Cresting the pass was a climactic moment, not just because it was high, but because there was a moose hanging out in the field at the top! Munching along and ignoring all those who were staring at him. First moose of the trip!!

The descent was long. Long and downhill and fast. I didn’t touch the brakes and let gravity do it’s magic. The miles clocked off but it was still a long way. Twists and turns meant I was constantly on my toes on every corner. Eventually the road paralleled the river as it cut a gorge through the mountain and the wind whipped up at my back. Speed!

I pulled into Ft. Collins and stopped at a Wendy’s for a quick Frosty. I asked for the largest one they could serve me.  The counter girl got an extra large drink cup and filled it to the brim. Perfect. As I finished eating it Dangerpants (Megan) called me and let me know she was off work! I hustled over and had hugs with her and John (Six) and then kisses from their dog! We talked and I had a shower and even did some laundry. Then it was time for dinner!

We went to a brew pub and I got to see some of downtown Ft. Collins. It was beautiful. A college town with a flair for public art, there were musicians moving around, a public Fountain you could play in and just a nice vibe to the city. Dinner was delicious and i got to try a beer made with chilli peppers! Spicy aftertaste! We moved to a second bar and spent the whole evening catching up on, well everything. It’s amazing what you can miss in 4 years.

I fell asleep in a real bed happy and full. A wonderful day seeing wonderful people. Well worth the left turn into Ft. Collins.


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