Day 34 6/20 – Denver, Boulder and Heat

Day 34 6/20 – Denver, Boulder and Heat

Day 34 6/20

Ft Collins to Denver CO

83 miles

I didn’t want to leave the house. I didn’t want to bike or leave the people. But you have to move sometimes. I was heading to Denver via Boulder to see several people.

Leaving Ft Collins was the easy part I think. The bike paths Google maps took me on made sense. I rolled along steadily for a few hours until I got to Boulder. I stopped in at the Avery Brewery and met my friend Bear Paw from my 2012 AT hike. We had a beer and then some food and caught up. He’s getting married soon and it was a great moment to see him. He gave me a ride back to the edge of Denver where I faced the bad part of the day.

Suburbia construction. There was no rhyme or reason to the bike paths or roads. Some were closed and under construction and I managed to hit into Denver proper right about rush hour. Whoops. Eventually I made it into downtown and stopped at my friend Lane’s place. Lane is from undergrad and last year she did a cross country tour on a dirt bike. She had dinner going and I enjoyed a delicious chicken pesto pasta. Delicious! A few beers and the basement futon was calling my name.

Colorado is in the middle of a heat wave currently and it was hot today. I mention this now because otherwise I would have whined the whole time. Top temp today was 95. About the same for the next 2 days. I come over the mountains and bring the heat! I guess this is training for the plains and feeling like an egg frying on the pavement. More water!

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