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Day 35 6/21 – Gin and Colorado Springs

Day 35 6/21 – Gin and Colorado Springs

Day 35 6/21

85 miles Denver to Colorado springs

Another heater. I got breakfast at the Denver Biscuit company. It was recommended to me be one of the roommates. Boy was he right. This was the first sausage gravy I’d had that actually tasted like proper gravy should. I had a biscuits and gravy a few weeks ago that had honey in it and was sweet. Ugh. Pass me the pepper. But this was perfect. I got a biscuit sandwich with chicken and back on the massive fluffy biscuit. Oh it was so good.

It propelled me through finding my way out of Denver which was possibly more confusing than coming in. Google Maps took me all kinds of ways and I hit several more dead ends. And then right as I was getting on a long stretch of highway I got a flat. I pulled my bike back up to a pedestrian area and changed a tire in the heat with no shade. Ugh. The tube had a big inch long tear from where a staple had gone in and through the tube.

I struggled with the heat in the back roads and horse country. It was hot. I was hot. I also didn’t stop for lunch. Mistake. By the time I made it to the northern edge of Colorado Springs I was exhausted. I ate a sandwich and stopped at a 7-11 for a slurpee. Feeling energized I did the last 20 miles no problem and found the home of Tom.

Tom was a Warm Showers just and I got a shower and pet his incredibly friendly dog before we went out to a local taco place for some dinner. One delicious steak burrito later I was engaged in conversation with two local ladies who had noticed my hilarious bike tan (note – it really is quite funny when I have my gloves off). We talked about the trip and one of them said she was planning on doing the AT next year starting in February. I’ll reiterate again – it’s cold!

Tom and I slid over to his favorite Gin bar. A very fancy place that he asked me not to wear basketball shorts into. They distilled all their own gin and ran the bar as a speakeasy. It was delicious. I had a taste of a gin infused with rosehips. Oh my goodness. Perfection. The bartenders took pride in their art and the conversations were excellent. They specialized in cocktails from prohibition and the Atomic age.  10/10. Apparently they are coming to Virigina too!

Bed called and i fell into one of those sleeps of deep solitude. Colorado Springs you are wonderful.

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  1. Ugh, changing a flat in the heat. Not fun. I hope it was the front tire. Regarding the gin, you had me hankering for a dirty martini, three olives, please. Stay safe in the heat.

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