Day 37 6/23 – lost bottle and the start of 96

Day 37 6/23 – lost bottle and the start of 96

Day 37 6/23

Florence Co to Boone Co

65 miles

I was awoken by rain and the old ladies coming to the pool for their daily water aerobics class. At 6:30 am. I’m glad they are exercising but I really did not need to hear about bunions that early in the morning. Oh well.

The rain was off and on and fairly light so I didnt think much of it. Actually scratch that. I did think about it. About how much nicer it was to be cool and wet again. The irony is two weeks ago I was cold all the time and ready for sub. Irony. I packed up and got on the road.

And then 5 miles in I realized I’d made a mistake. Well two actually. The first was that I’d left my favorite water bottle sitting on the drinking fountain back in town. It was one I’d gotten in Richmond from the Carytown Bicycle Shop. And now it was consigned to live in Florence CO because I wasn’t turning around.

The second mistake was not putting on my rain top when I left. I had looked at my phone and it had assured me that the rain was only lasting 34 minutes. Nope. It was an hour in and it was heavier now. And more wind. And I was a little chilled. I put on the rain jacket and kept on. The rain swung between heavy mist and angry drops that hurt. And it kept on.

At least I didn’t feel like a fried egg today.

By the time I got to Pueblo the rain had mostly stopped and the roads were dry which is great. There are few things worse than the spary you get from on coming trucks in rain. About 2 minutes after seeing a tiger across the road in the zoo though I had another rear flat tire. Again. I checked my phone and the bike shop was 2 miles away. So I walked across the street to the Walgreens, borrowed their bench and changed the tube. And then I went to the bike shop.

It’s a constant struggle with tubes. You can path the hole or get a new one. I’m a big fan of getting a new tube when I have the opportunity rather than patching. There’s nothing wrong with a patch but I’ve seen how fast you can end up going through patches. Plus patching a tire on the side of the road sucks big time. But when I went in to the bike store I discovered they had “thorn resistant” tubes. Now this last flat was caused by a staple (big one!) But it’s similar to a thorn. The tube is extra thick all around. Gives it a little more protection. I bought one and next rear flat I have I’ll be replacing it with this new fancy one.

The ride to Boone was uneventful and I got onto the road I’ll be in for the next several hundred miles – highway 96. Well state road 96 I guess. But I’ll be on it in most of Kansas. Exciting! Soon I’ll be in Kansas and even a new time zone. I feel like I’m making progress. I can even see it on a map.

3 Replies to “Day 37 6/23 – lost bottle and the start of 96”

  1. Just looked at a map. You are venturing into “tornado alley”. Flat with the weather
    typically controlled by two large air masses, one from the Gulf of Mexico and one from Canada. Could be interesting! Take care. A.

  2. Think about how you want your end to be. With enough time to plan a whole bunch of us in Virginia could organize ourselves and meet you when you do your last few miles, have a super dinner, and celebrate this amazing feat. Count me in. Let us know if you would be open to a few of us being there when you finish.

    1. I’m going to be taking a day off or two in about a week with a friend in Missouri. I’ll sit down then and so some planning hopefully! Thanks for all your support 😀

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