Day 38 6/24 – 10th flat tire and new friends!

Day 38 6/24 – 10th flat tire and new friends!

Day 38 6/24

Boone Co to Eads Co

91 miles

There’s a moment when you’re woken up in the middle of the night and you can’t figure out the reason why immediately that gets scary. In this case the reason was alternating heavy rain on my tent. It took a few moments for my foggy and half asleep brain to realize it was from a sprinkler rotating on either side of my tent.

Well. At least I didn’t set my tent up on the sprinkler. Add to the fact that a train cane through at 3am I didn’t get the best night of sleep. Oh well.

I had a big day planned for 91 miles and enthusiastically left behind the mosquito ridden park I’d spent the night in. I vowed to pick up big spray in the next town.

Of course by the next town I had another flat. Back tire. Again. I limped the last mile to town and took up residence at a picnic table to swap out the tube.  A perfect time though to try the new “thorn resistant” tube I had been sold in Pueblo. This was a thicker rubber and cost 3 times as much as a standard tube. 18 instead of 6. Sounds good right

Damn thing didn’t fit on my wheel. The size it has stamped on it is correct. But it’s too damn big. I puzzled with it for 10 minutes before I gave it up and just put a regular one on. Stupid thing. I have half a mind to call the shop.

The day was cool and cloudy and never got over 80. A slightl headwind meant I was always dry even if I did have to work a bit more but i felt strong. I made it to my endpoint and was surprised by two Eastbound bikers! Greg and Ann (I think? I’m terrible) are engages and have just gotten on the TransAm after doing the Westbound Express trail through Utah. They’ve done about 1800 miles and hope to finish it out on the TransAm from here. We had all kinds of interesting conversation and they knew there was a soft serve ice cream place in town. They’d been there once already. We wandered over after dinner and I got a massive Ice cream with butterfinger pieces in it. Oh it was perfect. I would have taken a picture but by the time I thought of it, I had eaten it all. I considered going back for a second one so you know…. I could take a picture this time first…

Sleep early because 1) tires after today and 2) because the automatic sprinklers come on at 730am. Nothing worse then trying to pack up in the artificial rain. I may have tried to find the breaker box that controls the sprinkler power but was unsuccessful. I guess I can’t be a winner everytime right?

Tomorrow though – Kansas! Also I feel the need to point out that this is my 10 flat tire. 1 was my fault (pinch flat) but all the rest are punctures. 

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  1. “The habits of a vigorous mind are formed in contending with difficulties…..great necessities call out great virtues.”
    Abigail Adams

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