Day 39 6/25 – Welcome to Kansas

Day 39 6/25 – Welcome to Kansas

Day 39 6/25

Eads CO to tribune KS

57 mi

Welcome to Kansas. Greg and Julia (seriously where did I come up with Ann?) Made it into KS. There was a fair bit of headwind but we made it.

In sorry to see CO in my rearview mirror. I really liked it. A friend of mine asked if I was a convert to the “move to Colorado” brigade. I’m not sure. It has some amazing things but it has its drawbacks as well.

We pulled into Tribune at 3 or so and found 2 westbound ladies (Taylor and Annalise) at the store. We started talking and ended up all moving over to the park/pool. Which had showers. Oh man. They were a little cold but we’ll worth it. Another WB came, Eric and brought beer. A lot of talk happened, beer was drank and in general we all were happy. We managed to make it halfway. We managed to make it to the flat stuff.

Things are looking good. Some heat is coming which I’m not thrilled about, but I should be seeing Bones for 4th of July. And Smiley from my 2012 AT hike contacted me! I’ll get to see him tomorrow! I’m so excited!!

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  1. Wow… half way, and flat… good job, hope to talk to you soon. I am really glad you are meeting up with people you know from hiking, it seems to tie your adventure together in a rather storybook fashion.

  2. Ooo, Kansas, just like I remember it (…. zzzzzz …..) Glad you have pals to cross it with. The subhed for your blog should be “FRIENDS Everywhere” — you seem to find or make them no matter where you go!

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