Day 40 6/26 – Smiley and Firelfies

Day 40 6/26 – Smiley and Firelfies

Day 40 6-26

Tribune to ness city

104 miles

The hope was to meet up with Smiley today. I woke up and vowed to make sure the hope became a reality.

The morning was fairly grey but that was a  good thing. It kept the heat down and meant the wind was low. Greg and Julia and I all cruised well on into the first town of the day. What’s nice is there is a decent town every 20-30 miles right now, so you can always take a break every two hours with at a place Water and shade. We all picked up some  food at the grocery store and had an early lunch. Then it was back on the bike to pedal more and a whole new time zone! Hooray central time zone!

The second town was similar, good pace though the sun did come out. I pulled in and rested for a second before pushing back on to the town I was supposed to meet smiley in. If I had turned my phone on I could have saved myself 30 miles. Apparently he was actually staying in the town I had just left. Whoops. But what it meant was that he saw me on the road!

I couldn’t figure out what the large 4×4 truck was doing pulling over in front of me until I heard an Irish accent yelling at me through the window. Smiley had be driving to the town when he saw me riding. We pulled over and hugged and talked and I just couldn’t stop smiling. I hadn’t seen this guy since 2012 when we were southbound on the AT. He finished when I didn’t and then never really left the US. The farm he works on in Minnesota (I think?) Lent him out to the farmers here for the wheat harvest Here. It was an amazing reunion.

I finished the hundred miles into town and found the town park infested with cyclists. Turns out I ran into the ACA cycling group. This was an organized group trip with a leader. It was a very different way to do the TransAm, and not one I think I’d do, but I can understand the allure. I ended up talking with the group leader for a bit before wandering off to play some uke as the sun set. Being in a different time zone is weird. As darkness fell something special happened…

The fireflies came out.

I haven’t seen fireflies since I left VA. They were everywhere. They lit up the whole hillside. I almost cried. It was wonderful.

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  1. Magical. I was near the waterfront last week, at the base of Gibbon Street, and recalled a warm June night several years ago with you and David as we walked to the Scoop for ice cream. Do you remember the hillside at the park bathed in thousands of fireflies? You both got such a thrill rolling down the knoll. Magical.

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