6/27 Day 41 – scrawled messages and an Australian

6/27 Day 41 – scrawled messages and an Australian

6/27 Day 41

Ness City to Larned KS

64 miles

On the way out of town I saw an old abandoned metal shed building. It had been written on and spray painted all over. The oldest one I could find on it easily was from 1993. The newest one was just a few weeks old. “Katie *hearts* Andrew – June 3 2017”. Things like this always amaze me. Because here is someone who believes that this love with last forever this time. I applaud them for their ideas. I hope it does work out. Maybe this one will.

I didn’t think much of the wind until I made the turn south. Boom. 19 miles into the wind took me almost 3 hours. I felt miserable. I saw one westbound rider who zoomed on by without even saying hello – he was enjoying his tail wind to the utmost. It just took forever.

There was a sign for Ft. Larned just outside of town. I stopped in and found a huge living history fort. The fort protected the Santa Fe Trail and the museum was wonderful and informative. The reactors were quite good and I learned all kinds of things! It also made me glad I was wearing synthetic clothes instead of heavy, hot wool!

I got into Larned and was just exhausted. I stopped at the grocery store because I didn’t have anything left in the food bag and managed to be on the phone with Dad while I made decisions. The big happy decision was the quarter of a watermelon I bought. Oh what a delicious idea! I bungeed it to the back of my bike and made my way down to the city park where camping was.

I pulled up and noticed that there was another touring bike parked at the pool. Aha! I get to meet a new one! The bike belonged to an Australian named Jeff who was heading East on the TransAm after starting in San Francisco on the Western Express. He told me that the chinese restaurant in town was an all you can eat buffet. Sold! I had a quick shower and then we rode on up to the buffet. I ate 6 plates (one was of salad!) and felt deliciously full.

The forecast called for some rain overnight which would be lovely considering its 10pm and still incredibly hot. Another day tomorrow of 98 degrees. Heat and wind together just makes it feel like I’m biking in a blast furnace.

Kansas would be really nice. If not for the wind.

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  1. you found the Goodman Shed! i like it. getruralkansas.com: “It has been a tradition for over 55 years to paint on the Goodman Shed in Ness County. So many occasions occur that allow Ness Countians to paint on the graffiti shed, some of those being high school sporting events/teams and graduation, Old Settlers Reunion, a homecoming of a returning solider, the birth of a child, a marriage, or to remember a death of a loved one. All of the layers of paint that have been applied over the years are probably the only thing keeping the shed upright.”

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