6/30 day 44 – in which I eat a whole watermelon

6/30 day 44 – in which I eat a whole watermelon

6-30 day 44

Newton Ks to Eureka Ks

75 miles

The storm went nuts. All night. The lightning that came up made it feel like there was a rave going on in my tent. I spent 15 minutes just listening and watching the show from inside the tent.

This…. This was the first day where I had something resembling tail winds. And it made me fly. The miles to lunch felt like they were no effort at all. Realistically it’s not that I had tail winds so much as a lack of wind – checking the weather now the highest wind blow was a measly 7mph. Unheard of in Kansas I tell you! But it felt like someone had taken off my lead shoes and let me go dancing.

In the miles just before lunch I started passing cyclists all wearing the “Ride for MS” shirts. Turns out the group (15 or so) had stopped for lunch/break just up the road. They are doing a cross country TransAm ride to raise awareness and support for MS – a worth cause but I always wonder about things like this that are “raising awareness.” I could understand if it was something a little more rare – I had no real idea about the depth of a friend’s struggle with hydrocephalus until she started fund raising – but with issues like MS or breast cancer I almost wonder who hasn’t heard about it? Wouldn’t the money be better spent on treatment and research? I’ve always wondered if there’s a positive correlation between awareness campaigns and donated money increases. Something to look into when I get home I suppose? Anyway the MS riders had a big support van (jerks) and all kinds of tools and chairs etc. All their camping gear was stowed in the van so all they had on their bikes was their water and snacks. Did this make me feel a little smugly superior? Perhaps for a moment. It was all forgotten though as soon as I opened my food bag for lunch. Food wins everytime.

The last afternoon miles took us (Jeff and myself) onto a beautifully paved state highway. We managed to do 19 miles in 70 minutes which is to me an incredible sustained speed with no winds at our backs. I felt great about it. As we were pedaling down main Street we ran into 4 other Westbound cyclists toting chocolate milk back to the park. They let us know that the pool closed at 5 if we wanted a shower. We made a quick run to the grocery store where I bought a whole watermelon that was at least 13lbs – the scale wouldn’t weigh anymore than that – and made it over with time to spare. I’m getting used to this idea of being able to shower at the end of everyday. I’m getting spoiled.


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