7/2 Day 46 – Welcome to Missouri, town fireworks and 1129 miles to go

7/2 Day 46 – Welcome to Missouri, town fireworks and 1129 miles to go

7/2 day 46

Girard Ks to Ash Grove Missouri

82 miles

Welcome to Missouri!

I made it through Kansas in about a week. I fought head winds and side winds that stopped me in my tracks, blew me across lanes and in general made me unhappy. I had incredibly hot days where I felt like an egg frying on the pavement. I had some rain. But mostly I had a very very flat state. I could see for miles in any direction and would see grain elevators get ever so closer across the horizon. There were pools and showers in every town and it was grand.

Kansas you weren’t half bad. I didn’t hate you the way some folks said I would. I’m not saying that you didn’t have a few bad days but overall you were pretty okay.

Missouri was more of the same the first few miles. Moving into the gently rolling hills has been a nice change. What’s an even nicer change is that the road is signed! The “Bicycle Route 76” signs are everywhere and correspond to the map so well! Oh it makes me happy.

I managed to move pretty quickly and did all my miles into town by about 430. I was meeting Bones the next day which was pretty exciting, so when I pulled into the park I was a little disturbed to see all kinds of people milling around. Turns out today is the town’s 4th of July festival. My first thought was “crap fireworks won’t start until dark. I’m not going to get any sleep tonight.”

As I was staring fretfully at the people one of the traffic directors came over. “Are you planning on staying at the house?”

“Um. What house?” I felt stupid responding. “I’m going to sleep in the park.”

“Oh no. You’ll sleep in the house. Go check in at the pool.”

Turns out the town has converted an old farmhouse next to the park into a community center/bicycle hostel. There’s a shower and cots and a full kitchen. Oh my goodness it was so nice having a real towel. The hosts who take care of it, Mike and Wendy are just wonderful.

I took a shower and then wandered out into the festival. I went straight for the food. The food pantry was sponsoring a fish fry. Oh man it was good. Hush puppies and fried potato chips and sweet tea. Oh I just inhaled it. I had some nachos from the PTA and the 4-H had the most delicious cherry limeade I have ever had. Amazingly the 4-H crowd had been at the regional fair all day and yesterday, and they were still working hard. Some serious dedication.

Fireworks finished off the evening. I got to lay down in the soft cool grass and watch explosions in the sky. It was a fantastic show and the capped day off perfectly. Oh Missouri. You’re doing well so far.

Tomorrow I go into Springfield to see Bones (Marcus) and take a day off or two. To this point I’ve done about 3200 miles of cycling so far in the last 46 days. I have 1129 to go. That’s probably a little more than 2 weeks or so. It feels like this trip just started honestly. Maybe I’ll slow down and take my time, see as much as I can before the end. Last one there is the winner right?

Yorktown! I’m coming for you.


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  1. How does the saying go? “We’re not in Kansas anymore!” The Midwest-not just smells of roadkill- get into Missouri/Illinois area and you will smell the distinctive loam of the earth. One might say-very earthy-probably due to the Mississippi River. Pictures look good. Take care.

  2. How perfect is this: “You’ll sleep in the house.” And that’s with air conditioning, shower, kitchen and sofas. Sounds like a memorable Independence Day. Can’t think of a better way to cap off the evening after the fish fry than with an after-dinner fireworks display.

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