7/3-7/4 Days 47/48 – Double zero, Bones and Springfield

7/3-7/4 Days 47/48 – Double zero, Bones and Springfield

7/3 and 7/4 day 47/48

Bones had worked a 12 hour shift so I wasn’t expecting him until mid-morning at the earliest. That meant i had some time to kill – which meant I got to sit and read.

How you spend your down time is important. You spend so much of your day on the bike and pedaling or doing bike related things that any time you have not devoted the mechanics of life (eating, sleeping etc) is sacred. Sometimes you use it to talk to other cyclists, catch up on the blog or steal wifi to see what’s going on at home ( thanks Facebook). But whatever your downtime is utilized for it’s a special thing. Today I used some of it to read. I’ve carried a couple of different paperbacks this trip, ranging from detective novels to sci-fi and romance. It’s always nice to have another story going on beyond the one you’re living.

Bones showed up in his Jeep (Jeep fam!) with his girlfriend Jocelyn. There were big hugs and smiles and a couple of moments of “what do we can each other in the real world?” It really was so good to see another hiker. We’re all spread out so far that it really can be hard. Even when we’re close life can get nutty and you miss things as people.

Bones drove us into town where we stashed my bike at his place and went to get lunch at a local hole in the wall. One delicious double cheeseburger later with fries and a pickle we made the rounds in town and I got to see a little of what Springfield is about. It’s a nice midsized Midwestern town that’s got a nice large university and a thriving arts scene. They have these corner installations that apparently change every month, letting lots of different artists get a chance. It’s nice.

I got to take an afternoon nap (joyous) and then dinner was a delicious medley of cooked veggies done by Jocelyn! I really do enjoy things like this because I rarely have time to cook veggies. When I do get them they are raw or from a can. So it was a treat. We got to eat out on the roof and watch the sun set and the fireworks from local folk. This got followed by a run to a delicious ice cream place!

The question became what to do for the night – we had talked about going out but the energy just wasn’t all there. We settled on watching a movie so bad that you had to laugh at it – “The Room.”. I’ve you’ve never seen this it’s just so bad/good. You’ll be laughing and confused by the end of it. I’ve seen it before and only fell asleep a few times tonight but it’s hilarious


Slept in. Which is glorious. Ended up going to brunch at Jocelyn’s parents house, who were kind enough to open their house to me. Chocolate chip pancakes, fruit, doughnuts, bacon. Oh delicious. Marcus and Jocelyne spent the whole time being so cute it was a little disgusting – in the best way though. It was nice to be part of something so…. Normal. No thoughts of miles or bike issues or hills. Just conversation and love and safety. I kinda miss that. Seeing Marcus and Jocelyne in this happy, functioning relationship was wonderful, and I’m thrilled they’re happy. But at some level it pulls at you because you don’t have it, and while you’re not jealous, you want something that good as well. Amusingly her Mom even started asking me about my love life or lack thereof and in that way only mom’s can, gave me advice. She also let me know there are plenty of single ladies in Springfield if I should decide to move there. I was amused.

Afterwards it was back to Ash Grove. Marcus and Jocelyne dropped me off and we said our goodbyes. It’s always sad to say goodbye. But I was so happy that i got a chance to see him.

There were 4 other Westbound cyclists at the house and we talked and shot the shit all night. I got myself some cheap steak and made a taco feast to celebrate my 4th of July. The British couple gave me their can of Halt dog repellant which I’ll be keeping handy for the dogs in KY.

Overall this has been a wonderful break from cycling. Im thrilled I got to have it happen. Tomorrow is onward!


2 Replies to “7/3-7/4 Days 47/48 – Double zero, Bones and Springfield”

  1. “If you let yourself be absorbed completely, if you surrender completely to the moments as they pass, you live more richly those moments.”
    Anne Morrow Lindbergh

  2. aw, how cute are those two! glad you had such a nice break with such a nice family! (must stop reading now and go deal with my own “mechanics of life.” apt phrasing!)

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