7/5 day 49 – saving turtles, broken spoke and a fair!

7/5 day 49 – saving turtles, broken spoke and a fair!

7/5 Day 49

Ash Grove to Marshfield Mo

47 miles

Ever since I realized I didn’t have that far to go, I’ve been saying to myself “I can slow down a little and enjoy every last little thing.”. So I tried that today. Slowed down, didn’t go as far and rested more. My knee has been bothering me a little, just achey but it’s the knee I hurt in 2013 thru-hiking. So I called this a short day. Which was a good thing I think.

It was a pretty cool morning which was a nice change from the last few days. I know it’s gonna get hotter, and for those who have been following this for a bit yes, I know the irony of complaining about the heat when just a few weeks ago I was freezing my ass off, but hey I’ll whine a little if I want to. Anyways, met up with two Eastbound cyclists on a schedule. They’d come via the western Express route, from San Francisco through Utah to Colorado and joined the TransAm. It’s slightly shorter by a thousand miles or so. They have been on a two man mission to save every turtle they find. And they are good at it. In the three hours I rode with them they saved 5 turtles. Turtle power!

Making it into town I said goodbye to the pair and settled in at the library for an hour. The two librarians were super concerned with where I was staying and made a point to tell me that if I didn’t like the park to come back and they’d find me a place. Which is super nice. The Midwest has been full of some of the kindest people ever.

The park was fine, though I couldn’t get a shower because the showers were at the fairgrounds. Which were currently in use for the county Fair! Awesome! I was just about to head over when I noticed something – one of the spokes on my front wheel was broken. Whoops. I pulled out my tool kit and got to work.

I’ve been carrying a Kevlar thread repair kit for this eventuality. It’s literally just a thread, with a locking mechanism. You thread it into the eyelet and then crank it down. It helps hold the wheel in tension. Worked pretty well too and was easy to set up. Took me about 20 minutes all told and I got on my way to the fair.

The big event for the Wednesday night was the bucking bronco competition. There were a dozen or so riders attempting to stay on the horse, including a 9 year old. None of them did very well – longest was 5 seconds. To be fair, that’s gotta be the longest 5 seconds of your life. I wandered around the 4-H barns and saw all of the animals and headed back home at closing. Just as I settled into bed a cop rolled by and shines his light on me. Ouch. Those were my eyes. He came by and wanted to chat. Fella I’m trying to sleep eh?

About 15 minutes after he left the heavens opened up and poured down rain. Made me very glad I’d set my tent up underneath the pavilion roof.

At least it cooled everything down.

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