7/6 day 50 – in which I had wikipedia access on the road

7/6 day 50 – in which I had wikipedia access on the road


Marshfield Mo to Houston Mo

64 miles

I couldn’t remember the name of the movie. I remembered parts of the plot and I could see the faces but couldn’t remember the names. Normally not a big issue right? Sure if you’ve got internet or cell phone service. I had neither.

It was a romantic movie less on the comedy and more on the serious side. It was important in my mind somewhere around mile 30 today because I’d been thinking about relationships and cataloging mine in the way you’d shelve library books – “my screw up” “her screwup” “we both screwed it” “disaster”. John Cusack in High Fidelity would have been proud of me.

But I started then thinking not just of the relationships I’d been in, but the one’s I’d  missed. For a variety of reasons ranging from “bad timing” to “I’m a thick idiot who can’t recognize something in front of my face.”. Which is what this movie was about. Timing. The movie by the way is “One Day” and while not the greatest thing out there it was important to me today. Both because I couldn’t remember it but also because it was in my head.

It’s odd to think about the things you missed out on because you were so focused on other things. In high school many years ago there was a girl who interested in me in a major way. Never knew it until way later. I was so wrapped up in other things I didn’t notice that she was coming out of her way to hang out a little. She made a few moves and I couldn’t understand what such a girl would see in me. Whoops right? I’d like to believe I’ve gotten smarter, more observant over the years but I think the reality is I haven’t gotten much better.

Like I said. A weird day to be thinking of these things. Especially considering how little oxygen was probably getting to me brain. This was the first day in a long time I feel like where I had actual climbs to do. Climbs that required me to actually go down to low gears. Sharp climbs that while not long, were noticeable.

Welcome to the Ozarks. Tomorrow there is more of them.

About midway through the day I met a support van for an eastbound cyclist group. A 9 year old (I think?) pedaling for clean water. I applaud the idea…. But what 9 year old truly understands that sorta thing? I dunno. Nice kid though. And everyone was super friendly. I just… I dunno. Supported cyclists. Not my cup of tea I guess.

Made it into town and found a Dutch couple at the McD’s. Turns out the lady just finished up med school residency and is a cool doctor. The guy runs an IT company and is working while biking. Impressive all around. We split a watermelon at dinner and found yet another supported cyclists. The whole family again. At least this guy is 18. He understands what he’s doing. And he’s cruising, 100+ days.

All in all not a bad day. I even got to climb up a fire tower and view the world. Wasn’t much to see with the rolling hills and trees but the breeze was nice. It’s funny to me because I still get a little shaky with heights. They’ve never been my favorite thing. But as with everything else, I’d rather face that fear than let it control me. So to the top I went. But I was happy to come back down.

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  1. No one is immune, I guess. Decades ago, high school, party, friend’s basement, music loud. Girl and boy, sitting close, looking at record album cover. She: Do you like this song? He: It’s ok. She: Read the lyrics. He: Yeah. And? She: No, READ the lyrics. He: I did. So? She shakes head, exasperated, gets up. First two lines of song: How can I tell you/That I love you.

  2. “A generous heart feels others’ ills as if it were responsible for them.”

    The 9 year old has a generous heart. He knows why and what he is doing…

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