Day 52 7/8 – I find heaven in a hostel

Day 52 7/8 – I find heaven in a hostel

Day 52 7\8

Ellington MO to Farmington MO

61 Miles

There’s a feeling you have when you’ve slept so deeply and awake feeling more fulfilled. It’s like topping off the gas tank on your car. It’s just a little extra. I had that feeling. I woke up after 10 hours of sleep. It was still early and I was ready to beat the heat. I was prepared. I had girded myself for battle with hills and steep grades.

There weren’t any. Not like yesterday. It was… almost a disappointment. I had come ready for battle and instead I had…. Nothing to fight. Not really.

I made good time, beating my predictions to town. By almost an hour and a half. I even had time to stop for lunch at a McDonald’s and steal wifi. I felt strong and the day wasn’t as hot.

I made my way into Farmington and headed for the bike shop. The broken spoke was at the top of my priority list. I got in and they took care of it no problem, and even trued the front wheel in the process. Truing means that you make the wheel even on all sides, so that there’s no wobble in it. Wobble is bad, especially going down hills. Afterwards I made my way to the town hostel.

Which was a palace. Wifi. Beds. Kitchen. Leather couches! It was amazing. There was even laundry! All the clean clothes! I had went to the store and had a big salad with buffalo chicken and luxuriated in air con and Tv. Oh it was heaven. Seriously. I don’t think I could have asked for anything more. I could see myself getting stuck in a place like this.

Tomorrow though. Tomorrow I make my way into Illinois. I cross the mighty Mississippi and truly come back closer to home and leave the Midwest. I’m excited!


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  1. Yeah, Illinois-Mississippi River-kind of a big part of the Midwest. You will appreciate the Midwestern cornfields in July as you pedal through Sparta and Carbondale (Go Saluki’s!). Nice pictures! Looking good!

  2. Good call to stay there until Monday, especially after the rough ride in the Ozarks. Find another watermelon.

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