7/11 Day 55 – Water ferry to Ky!

7/11 Day 55 – Water ferry to Ky!

Day 55 7/11

Goreville IL to Marion Ky

71 miles

It’s a little amusing to me that in 48 hours I was in 3 different states by bicycle. Especially when I think about how long it took me to get out of Oregon.

As soon I walked outside I could already feel the sun. There’s this moment where the first rays really hit you that lets you know just how hot it’s gonna get. The difference between a gentle sun caress and a burning flame licking your fingers. This was a little scorching this morning.

About 15 miles in there was an unexpected cool off moment. An old railroad tunnel was right alongside the road, so we pulled over to partake in the cool, damp darkness. It was a surprisingly long tunnel, well over 150 meters. Standing in the middle of it you could hear the water dripping and the air temp was a good 20 degrees cooler at least.

Stopping for lunch at a little gas station I went inside with the intent of getting something decent to eat. I was saddened because I found bare shelves and nothing more really than soda. I snagged the last can of chef boyardee and had a cold spaghettio lunch with chips and a slushie. Don’t judge my lunches.

Right before I went in though I remarked at just how wet and sweaty I was. I tried my hand at making a sweat Angel. It didn’t quite go the way I wanted it to.

The big objective for the day was catching the ferry and making it into Kentucky. In the last few miles into town we pulled over to marvel at the yard someone had constructed available for cyclists. Water, shade trees and a table and bike racks! As we were getting water the neighbors big German Shepherd came over to get pet. He leaned into you as you pet him and he almost knocked me over completely.

Made it down to the river and grabbed the ferry. It was an interesting experience crossing the water. Moving without doing any work is so odd at this point that I noticed my legs were bouncing a little bit as if they were trying to pedal the boat along. And then landfall and Kentucky!

We crawled in to town and hit the local church for a stay, we ended up in the upstairs youth ministry room. The full kitchen was calling my name so I went to the store and got on sale steak and a bag of salad. Jessica got pasta and garlic bread. I cooked food and ate and noticed the oven was producing smoke – the oven had never been turned off. Whoops. It would have been a little embarrassing to have the fjre department show up!

Kentucky is the 9th of 10 states and I’m thrilled to be in it!

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