7/12 and 7/13 days 56/57 – spoke repair and fire stations

7/12 and 7/13 days 56/57 – spoke repair and fire stations

7/12 – 7/13 day 56-57

Marion Ky to Sebree Ky

Sebree to Ford’s Falls

42 miles

55 miles

Double down post!

A pair of short days! Mostly because everyone wanted to see the awesome church in Sebree. We all had heard a lot about it so why not stop and see what all the fuss was?

I didn’t get off my couch until almost 8am. Good long sleep. Elijah, who had also spent the night at the church was out super early. I didn’t leave with Jessica until almost 9am. But it was relatively flat and forgiving. We made it to town by noon. And were greeted with a beautiful place.

The downstairs of the church was converted into a youth ministry area. Big couches and a huge entertainment center with even a karaoke machine were in one side. A full kitchen on another. The freezer was stocked with ice pops and sodas. A cyclists room had a big wall map and gear boxes for share and advice. There were cots to sleep on and the air-conditioning was ice cold. Perfect.

I watched Netflix and napped most of the day, knowing that the next week would be rough. Eastern Kentucky has been said to be pretty bad. So a short day to mentally prepare wasn’t the worst thing.

Broke a front spoke today, the second one now. There’s a bike shop a little farther north in Ownesboro that I’m going to stop at tomorrow. No problem.


Left paradise after a rock hard sleep – it’s amazing what a pitch black room will do for you. I left the TransAm and headed north to Ownesboro where I found the bike shop in town. Quick and easy front spoke replacement and a wheel true. The shop told me to try the BBQ around the corner, which was simply amazing. Like mouth watering good. Then it was back to the TransAm.

I hadn’t planned on a super big day because of the bike shop detour so I made it in and found the fire station I’d be sleeping at. There were cots and while there was no AC I had a giant fan blowing on me. I promptly took a nap.

I don’t think I can stress just how tired you get doing this whole thing. At the end of the day sometimes I feel my eyelids getting heavier as I ride. I’ve nodded off once while still pedaling. The sheer physical toll this takes means you always want food and sleep. With the heat not abating until sometimes 10 or 11pm it’s hard to always get to sleep early. So when you do have the opportunity to sleep extra it’s well received.

Coked a big dinner of pasta and potatoes and fell asleep again, in anticipation of a big day tomorrow. Jessica and Elijah are talking about a hundred miles day to Springfield – I’m not sure how I feel about that but I know I’ll be going at least 75.


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