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Older Adventures

Older Adventures

Among other things, I kept a trail journal in 2013 that I tried to update daily. Of course, after several months of hiking that became every 2 or 3 days, and then every week. The original works appear here, and at it’s original address on TrailJournals.com which is a wonderful resource for new thru-hikers.

My thoughts about my post-hike time appeared on another blog, that now also lives here. It’s a little disjointed sometimes, since I was a little disjointed in the time after my 2013 hike. It has thoughts regarding the 2013 hike, the time afterwards, reintroducing myself to “society.” It also has a variety of stories about people I met during my AT hikes.

Appalachian Trail 2012

Appalachian Trail 2013

Post AT 2013


Life never was the same