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Who Am I?

Who Am I?

My name is Mike! My name is also Doc Spice!

I’m the fuzzy one

In 2012 I did my first long distance thru-hike on the Appalachian Trail! I started in Maine and hiked South in July, traveling about 1,600 miles (out of 2,187) before I got off due to intense cold, a small amount of hypothermia and just a touch of frostbite in November. Remember Hurricane Sandy? That storm was “Winter Storm Sandy” where I was, and dropped about 3 feet of snow and 90mph wind gusts on me! Lots of fun! This is where I picked up my trail name of “Doc Spice” – because I was carrying all kinds of spices to flavor my food!

So in 2013 I went back to finish the AT. This time I started down in Georgia in April and went North! Along the way I met some of the most amazing people and saw more than a few incredible sights! I managed to finish my thru-hike in October, exactly 1 days over 6 months (April 11 to Oct 9)!

In 2017 I’m embarking on a very long bicycle ride across the entire US, from coast-to-coast. The Trans America Trail runs from Oregon to Virginia and covers approximately 4,200 miles. Hopefully this will take me about 3 months, during which I’ll be recording my adventure here! So follow along with my thoughts, trials, tribulations and general shenanigans as I bike this beautiful country of ours.


You can reach me at Traildazed@gmail.com